The “Women of Hillsborough” receive the “Freedom from Fear” award for 30 years of election campaigning.


They received the Freedom from Fear Award in recognition of the last three decades of struggle against the establishment.

The mothers of 96 Liverpool soccer fans who were fatally crushed on the terraces of Leppings Lane were honored at the World Convention in the city.

The Mothers of 96 were honored in recognition of having fought against the establishment for nearly three decades.

Represented by activist Sheila Coleman and survivor Gillian Edwards, there was a standing ovation in recognition of the unwavering commitment of the Hillsborough Family Support Group, the Hillsborough Justice Campaign, and Hope for Hillsborough, the group supported by the late Anne Williams, who lost her 15-year-old son Kevin in Sheffield.

“When one of us suffers an injustice, we all suffer an injustice, we all stand together”.

Ms. Coleman told Congress: “We as women have never given in; there is something in the DNA of Liverpool women.

The original investigation led to highly controversial verdicts on accidental death, which were eventually overturned by the High Court in London to wrongful death.

This year, former police officers, Sheffield Wednesday club secretary Graham Mackrell, and Peter Metcalf, lawyer for South Yorkshire Police, are being prosecuted.


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