The White House claims that 92 percent of federal employees have been vaccinated, but there are still some holdouts.


The White House claims that 92 percent of federal employees have been vaccinated, but there are still some holdouts.

The White House announced Wednesday that nearly all federal employees had been completely vaccinated against COVID-19, with 92 percent receiving at least one dose and another 5.5 percent requesting exemptions.

The White House revealed how its various agencies have responded to President Joe Biden’s desire to lead by example in vaccinating personnel in an update to the federal government’s own immunization efforts. The White House claimed in a statement that the numbers show a 96.5 percent compliance record for the country’s single largest workforce.

The government stated, “As the successful implementation of this mandate across the Federal Government has shown, these requirements work: they raise immunization rates—leading to a safer, more productive, more efficient workforce.”

Every federal agency had a compliance and immunization percentage of well above 80%, with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) scoring the highest at 99.1% compliance and 97.8% vaccinations. The Department of Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration had the lowest percentages, yet both scored over 85% in each category.

The Department of Defense, the country’s largest employer and government organization, had a compliance rate of 96.1 percent, with a vaccination rate of 93.4 percent, counting both civilian and uniformed military employees. The second-largest organization, the Department of Veterans Affairs, had a 98 percent compliance rate and an 87.8% immunization rate.

Those who request an exemption are also considered to be in compliance with the mandate because the government will decide on their petitions. The remaining 3% of federal personnel are unvaccinated and in violation of the government’s immunization requirements. Depending on the agency, these employees are subjected to varying levels of discipline.

It’s unclear whether these numbers include the almost five million federal contractors that work for the government. As part of his initial executive order demanding agencies begin vaccinating their workforces, Biden included vaccine requirements for government contractors on July 29.

Several large contractors, such as Microsoft and IBM, have mandated that their employees be up to date on their vaccinations. The government changed its instructions for how federal contractors can comply with the president’s executive order on Nov. 1 and gave them more leeway in dealing with non-compliant personnel.


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