The USA could soon introduce a blockade on military weapons operations.


Block chain technology has reformed both the financial and technology sectors.
Experts claim that block chain technology can be used to strengthen operations.
Given the applications of block chain technology, it could improve the overall military framework.

Given the increasing popularity and acceptance of block chain technology, it is not surprising that the world power could soon take it over. The DoD organized a competition to improve its military armament and infrastructure.

Many major companies in the industry entered the competition, but SIMBA Chain won first place ahead of other competitors. According to our findings, the company used Blockchain to develop wargame solutions, which it presented to the DoD.

Blockchain to mitigate the current defense system

The U.S. Department of Defense did not organize a competition for nothing. The Department plans to renew the procedures for manufacturing and supplying its weapons and infrastructure.

They are looking for ways to keep pace with the ongoing technological innovations that facilitate modern warfare. According to what we have gathered, the Department intends to equip the U.S. Navy and Air Force with better and more technological weapons.

To achieve this goal, the DoD therefore organizes the Advanced Manufacturing Olympics to select the best technology. In addition, it tends to provide technology to developers, DoD contractors and academics who can use new technologies such as 3D printing technology to facilitate the manufacture and delivery of critical parts to the military.

The Virtual Advanced Manufacturing Olympics

In addition, the DoD organized and conducted this competition from October 20 to 23. After the presentations SIMBA Chain won the prize of $100,000, which was explored for the first position.

Winning the prize was probably not an easy feat. The DoD designed a war game scenario, which gave the participants the task to save a besieged island. Participants were asked to use the addictive production of weapons on demand using 3D technology and to create a delivery network and secure communication network for medical personnel at the front lines and military units.

According to Joel Neidig, CEO of SIMBA Chain, they only had 6 days to create the solution for the war games. However, they achieved their goal against other major players such as Stratasys, which won second place, and Boeing, which came in third. They attributed their success to the Blockchain because they ensured the security of the entire network.

From what we’ve learned, the DoD is going one step further by continuing its collaboration with SIMBA Chain. Currently, the company is already working with the Navy and the U.S. Air Force. Finally, they hope to be involved in the operations of the Department for the Improvement of Military Weapons of the United States.


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