The third Covid wave’s peak may have passed.


The third Covid wave’s peak may have passed.

According to The Times this morning, the top of the third Covid wave may have passed when Covid-19 coronavirus cases fell for the sixth day in a row.

According to the newspaper, there were 24,950 positive cases in the UK on Monday, down 15,000 from the same day last week and down from the 54,000 instances reported on July 17.

According to the report, one model revealed that the “R” value was less than one, indicating that the pandemic was diminishing.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and health professionals, on the other hand, are recommending caution, citing the fact that the recent easing of the social contact limit has yet to be reflected in the data.

“We will know more as the week unfolds,” said Dr. Christopher Jewell of Lancaster University, who is a member of the Government’s Spi-M council of advisers.

The epidemiologist believes the decrease in incidence is due to “schools splitting up and contact patterns shifting.”

However, he cautioned that the drop could be due to other causes, such as people being “less eager to get tested if they have summer vacations planned.”

According to Paul Hunter of the University of Anglia, recent forecasts that the UK could see 100,000 infections every day throughout the summer were “significant overestimates.”


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