The taxi driver who gave CPR to the deceased student did what “anyone else would have done.”


The taxi driver who gave CPR to the deceased student did what “anyone else would have done.”

Last week, a man from Netherton was out for a walk with a buddy when a number of men were rescued from the sea on Crosby beach. He is now asking to have a defibrillator erected near the horrific occurrence.

Last Tuesday evening, Steven Calder was called into action when a party of five friends were rescued from the ocean (July 20).

The 37-year-old taxi driver assisted in CPR on 22-year-old student Hamza Mansoor, but it was insufficient to save him.

Plumber, 21, is fighting for his life following the beach disaster in Crosby that claimed the life of his best mate.

Steven is now taking steps to prevent this from happening again.

“I’ve sent an email to Sefton Council to highlight some things that are needed on the beach,” he told The Washington Newsday, “but I know what the council is like right now with Covid.” It will take some time for them to respond and tell me what I am capable of.”

Since Steven stated on Facebook that he would like to gather money to install lifesaving equipment on Crosby Beach, he has received support from scores of people and businesses who have offered items and services for a raffle.

“I’ve had messages and reactions from local businesses and companies,” he said. I’m trying to organize some fundraising events, such as charity walks or hikes, to raise money and awareness about how dangerous the beach can be.”

After Hamza and his companions were swept away by a tide last week, Steven recounted the sad events of the previous week.

“I was standing next to James [Pugh], who was pulling Hamza [Mansoor] out of the water,” he explained. We could see he was in a horrible way right away since he wasn’t breathing.

“I started performing CPR on him, but only for approximately four minutes before a skilled nurse arrived and took over. It was a frightening event. Three of the five guys who emerged from the sea required CPR, and there was only one defibrillator in the neighborhood. I’m attempting to get more defibrillators down there, as well as other first-aid supplies.

“If we had permission.”

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