The ‘Squid Game’ filter on TikTok has gone viral, attracting millions of users.


The ‘Squid Game’ filter on TikTok has gone viral, attracting millions of users.

Squid Game is currently Netflix’s most popular original show, and social media is just as enamored with the K-drama as the rest of the world.

The show, which is about a horrific survival game, has spawned a slew of social media memes and trends, the most recent of which is a terrifying TikTok filter.

The “Dare to Move” filter is a riff on the first episode’s “Red Light, Green Light” game. When a gigantic doll is looking away, contestants must advance ahead, but must stop when she turns to face them. They’re shot dead if her eyes detect them moving.

Dare to Move is a game that recreates the game without the dangers. It utilizes a frightening and filthy infant instead of the big doll.

In a popular video, TikToker Kaila commented, “There’s no way this is a real filter.” “This is the ugliest f***ing baby I’ve ever seen,” she continued, pausing to talk periodically as the baby was turned away.

Users must move their mouths when the infant is facing them in the front and remain frozen when the baby’s head swivels to face them.

CRYYYYIIIIING @kinkykailaIM #fyp #squidgame #squidgamenetflix #funny #trend a unique sound – Since posting her video five days ago, KailaKaila has received over 9 million views and 2.4 million likes. Thousands of comments have been placed on the video, with TikTokers gushing at the baby’s gruesomeness.

“Everyone wants to know what happens when the baby gets you,” she says in a follow-up video before trying it out. Eliminated participants are quickly dismissed on the show. A “LOSE” indicator shows on the screen in this case.

“However, I’m still a little worried,” Kaila explained.

“This has been the funniest series so far this week,” one fan said.

“You’d win the game and millions,” said another.

Many people agreed with the TikToker who called the filter “very creepy.”

original sound by @dylanarmenteros19 – Dylan Armenteros

Others have gone viral with their Dare to Move endeavors. In just two days, TikToker @dylanarmenteros19 received 2 million likes for a video in which he playfully tried to stare down the virtual kid. #daretomove is a movement that encourages people to take risks. This is a condensed version of the information.


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