The smart contract Cardano (ADA) is now compatible with all programming languages

  • Development platforms will offer faster speeds, improved functionality and lower costs.
    The new IELE environment will enable developers to write code in any programming language.
    IOHK wants to make blockchain development available to all types of developers to increase acceptance.

    input Output Hong Kong (IOHK), a block chain engineering company, today announced the launch of two intelligent contract developer platforms for Cardano (ADA) – IELE and KEVM. According to the announcement, the KEVM environment can now be used in any Cardano smart contract.

    That means that Cardano’s smart contracts will now be compatible with all types of programming languages.




    IOHK is the company behind the Cardano block chain, and the company is committed to making the block chain platform more scalable and accessible to users and developers.

    The additional development environments will enable developers to effectively write intelligent contracts for Cardano.

    Over 140,000 contracts are now compatible.

    IOHK made the announcement during the company’s monthly product update meeting. The KEVM Devne will enable developers to implement future or existing Ethereum-based applications on the Cardano network.

    As a result of the latest update, more than 140,000 contracts are now compatible with the Cardano block chain. Devnet is using the virtual editing version of Etheruem, which has already been verified by K-Software.

    By solving the compatibility problem, developers are able to implement or define the formal semantics of a programming language in a modular and intuitive way. In addition, developers are now able to write DApps in solid form and use them in the Cardano network. This allows developers to benefit from higher speeds, formally verified security, enhanced functionality and lower fees.

    On the other hand, the IELE environment will allow developers to write code in different programming languages. They can now transfer functionality to the Cardano block chain, making it easier and more efficient for them.

    Make block chain development available to all developers

    IOHK also stated that the IELE environment will be “the first large-scale beta test” as it allows developers who do not use block chains to create intelligent contracts on the Cardano (ADA) network without having to learn a block chain-based programming language. This means that non-blockchain developers can also try their hand at blockchain development, even if they do not have the expertise in blockchain-based programming language.

    In addition, it is not possible to create distributed applications and intelligent contracts in a non-blockchain-based language, including Rust, Python, and Java.

    The goal of IOHK is to make blockchain available in the mainstream. The company’s recent projects are all consistent with this goal.


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