The sentence of a teenager who kicked an elderly into the Mersey has been described as “an absolute farce.”


The sentence of a teenager who kicked an elderly into the Mersey has been described as “an absolute farce.”

ECHO readers have called the penalty given to a 19-year-old man who threw a pensioner into a river “a joke.”

Warrington resident Benjamin Bridgeman admitted to kicking the 74-year-old with force while standing by the river.

The 19-year-old and a 16-year-old who taped the attack but cannot be identified for legal reasons ran away.

The video of Bridgeman kicking the senior in the back was afterwards uploaded on Snapchat with laughing emojis.

The terrified octogenarian was rescued from the water by two girls who created a human chain to pull him out of the river.

Bridgeman turned himself in to police on April 28 after the attack, saying he “truly regrets” kicking the pensioner.

Bridgeman stated outside court during a previous hearing that “everyone makes errors.”

“Obviously, I’m really sorry and that that wasn’t supposed to happen,” he added. “I had no idea he was 74 years old.”

Bridgeman was sentenced to ten weeks in prison and told to pay £500 in compensation to his victim by a judge at Warrington Magistrates Court on Thursday, June 10.

The child who taped the abuse had already received a 12-month youth referral order as well as a £500 restitution order.

Following Bridgeman’s sentencing, individuals took to the ECHO’s Facebook page to express their displeasure with what they perceived to be a light penalty.

“The judge claimed the attack was”sickening,” Eleanor Brookes wrote on Facebook “Despite this, he was only sentenced to 10 weeks in prison and a £500 fine. What a sham of a legal system. He could of killed the poor man. The sentence should be longer.”

Louise Allen said: “10 weeks – so will be out in five. Absolute farce.”

John Burns said: “Well done to the two girls that helped him He should of had a tougher punishment! This could easily of ended much worse!

Hailey Rooney added: “Not a tough enough sentence at all. Also credit to those two young girls who helped the victim, your families should be extremely proud.”

Yvonne Dutton said: “Sorry but the sentence is pathetic. He could have killed the man. He already has a criminal past. Summary ends.


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