The rescue center takes the dog on one more expedition, which includes a trip to Starbucks and ice cream on the beach.


The rescue center takes the dog on one more expedition, which includes a trip to Starbucks and ice cream on the beach.

After one of their long-term residents passed away, a Merseyside-based animal charity is pushing families to consider rehoming dogs rather than purchasing them.

Obi, often known as Obi Bear, was a German Shepherd Malamute hybrid who came into Freshfields Animal Rescue’s care in 2018.

Unfortunately, workers at the center discovered a suspicious tumor on the 8-year-shoulder, old’s and the vet suspected it was advanced cancer, but this was not confirmed.

Jellyfish have been discovered on beaches, and dog owners have been cautioned.

On the morning of July 15, as the team was ready to sedate Obi for more X-Rays and tests to determine the best course of action for him, he passed away.

Freshfields is now urging potential adoptive families to consider rehoming dogs since they still have a lot of love to give.

“We are all grieving for Obi and are utterly heartbroken, there wasn’t a dry eye on kennels the day he left us,” Victoria Ferguson, a representative for the organisation, told TeamDogs.

“One of the things Obi’s death has driven me to do is find homes for our long-term pets. I’d like something good to emerge out of his memory.

“Obi would have made an incredible companion for someone, and we are heartbroken that no one else realized it.

“We have a lot of dogs in kennels who are just as deserving of their forever families as any other dog; all they need is a little patience and understanding.”

Victoria’s attachment with Obi was extremely deep, despite the fact that she had only met him this year.

She talks of how he was devoted and affectionate, even standing on his back legs and placing his front legs on your shoulder to give you a warm hug.

He was enormous and exceedingly fluffy, as was typical of Obi’s breed, yet there was nothing to be afraid of.

According to Victoria, when Obi would stroll between your legs and almost knock you down due to his size, it was his way of signaling you had won him over.

“Obi had recently moved into one of our home type rooms,” Victoria recalled, explaining how Obi was made as comfortable as possible in his final days. Consider a.” “The summary comes to an end.”


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