The reopening date for a major Merseyside department store has been set.


The reopening date for a major Merseyside department store has been set.

After more than a year of closure, a prominent department store will return next month.

Beales, which was located on Lord Street in Southport, closed its doors in March 2020 after administrators were unable to find a buyer.

The front of Wayfarers Arcade location stayed open for eight weeks while a shutting down sale was held.

Primark’s new “chic” suit is giving customers “Zara vibes.”

However, The Washington Newsday has learned that the shop will reopen on August 12.

Last year, a new company, New Start 2020, purchased the Beales brand and employed Tony Brown, the former CEO.

“This is a new concept for Beales, one that we have implemented in our stores in Poole and Peterborough where it has proven to be incredibly successful,” he previously told The Washington Newsday.

“Concessions will make up roughly 90% of the new shop, and we have some intriguing brands coming in.

“We had a long line of brands that wanted to come to Southport, which is fantastic.

“We have the most of them signed up, but we need a furniture concession to join us.

“We’ll attempt to provide a unique shopping experience for customers while also catering to a variety of age groups.

“Forever New, a well-known Australian brand, will be one of our new concessions, which is quite exciting for us.

“We will feature Southport’s largest footwear retailer, as well as a new chiropody shop and treatment facilities with cutting-edge technology.

“Southport-based In Time watch repairs will have a presence here as well.”

Around 40 new jobs are likely to be created in Southport as a result of the new business.

Mr. Brown went on to say, “We’re also supporting the government’s Kick Start Scheme, so we can give young people the chance to gain experience and learn everything there is to know about retail.”

“Once we open, we want to see many new shops in Wayfarers Arcade.

“I believe we will serve as a catalyst for even more growth and investment in Southport, and I sincerely hope that we will.”


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