The police were notified about Darren Till’s Instagram posts targeting transgender individuals.


Darren Till’s Instagram posts about transgender people reported to police. The UFC fighter has been slammed online as Merseyside Police confirm they are making enquiries after posts were reported.

After Darren Till was criticized online, a number of posts on his Instagram were reported to Merseyside Police.

After uploading a lot of memes and comments about gay and transgender individuals on Instagram, the UFC fighter from Liverpool was accused of inciting homophobia and transphobia.

An image mocking a ‘pregnant’ transgender woman having a baby scan appeared on Till’s account on Monday, July 26, with the caption “have a good week everyone #positivity”.

Before being denounced, the tweet sparked more transphobic and homophobic comments.

A number of people complained to The Washington Newsday about the posts, expressing their displeasure with the beliefs being published as a “joke.”

One man described the image as “disgusting” while others stated their own disappointment.

Merseyside Police received a report of the tweet, and a representative for the force stated that “enquiries are ongoing.”

“As everyone knows I’m constantly posting really controversial things right, I’m never going to change ever, ever, ever,” Till stated in an Instagram video after being approached for comment.

“So the other day I posted this transgender meme, I thought it was funny and I knew it was going to get a backlash.

“I’ve actually got transgender friends, they thought it was hilarious.

“You can’t cancel someone who doesn’t give a s*** and I don’t give a s***. But at the same time as well it’s obviously the offended brigade.”

Drew Cockton, a Wirral businessman and active member of Liverpool’s LGBTQ community, came out against the tweets as well.

“Transpeople have a hard enough time in life without public personalities mocking them and promoting hatred,” he told the Mail Online.

“More than nine in 10 transgender people have considered suicide and more than two in 10 have attempted it.

“Some of the comments on Darren’s Instagram were truly appalling and deeply saddened me in light of the homophobic attacks in Liverpool recently and the prejudice encouraged by people who should be ambassadors for the city.”

Hollyoaks actor Adam Woodward, 28, who plays Brody Hudson, replied to the post with the message ‘absolutely dead’ using a skull emoji.

He has since deleted his comment and today issued an apology.

In a statement today, Adam told Mail Online: “I would like to apologise for engaging with an offensive post on social media.

“The interaction is not indicative of my beliefs or attitude as an ally of the LGBTQ+ community.”


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