The police chief enters the row after a stag is shot and killed by policemen.


The police chief enters the row after a stag is shot and killed by policemen.

Deputy Chief Constable Ian Critchley of Merseyside Police has expressed his pride in officers involved in a nine-hour standoff with a stag.

At around 8.45 a.m. on Sunday, Merseyside Police received reports of a wild stag moving along several roads in Bootle.

Paula, an NHS worker who did not want to be identified, was on her way to work at Royal Liverpool University Hospital when she saw the animal.

The lover broke up the woman’s body and tossed it in the trash.

At around 8.45 a.m., Paula, from Crosby, was driving over the Seaforth flyover when she observed a police car at the top of Knowsley Road.

When she observed the white deer, she stated it ran away towards Bootle as the police approached.

Paula caught video of the animal sprinting down Derby Road, past a car dealership.

The stag was also seen on other roads, including Marsh Lane and Hornby Road, where it became ‘distressed,’ according to a Merseyside Police spokesperson.

After cops failed to bring the deer under control, officers had to euthanize it.

“We can confirm that a number of reports of a wild deer running down various roads in Bootle at about 8.45am yesterday morning were received,” a Merseyside Police spokesperson said (Sunday, 26 September).

“The deer was seen on several roads, including Marsh Lane and Hornby Road,” according to the report.

“There were concerns for traffic safety, therefore Armed Response officers were able to secure the deer on an industrial estate off Melling Road, and a veterinary surgeon was dispatched to the site to monitor the animal’s condition and support officers in their attempts to contain it.

“Several inquiries were made to find an organization that could assist in safely recovering the deer, but we were unable to find assistance, and the deer became increasingly unhappy as the hours passed.

“Letting the deer roam was not an option because it could endanger automobiles and members of the public in the vicinity, especially as dusk approached.

“As a result, in the early evening, the decision was made to euthanize the deer.”

According to the RSPCA, police were advised to leave a lost dog. “The summary has come to an end.”


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