The Palestinian Authority has canceled a one-million-dose vaccine exchange with Israel.


The Palestinian Authority has canceled a one-million-dose vaccine exchange with Israel.

The Palestinian Authority has canceled a deal in which Israel agreed to send it one million doses of coronavirus vaccine in exchange for a comparable number later this year.

The Palestinian Authority claims that the doses, which Israel began transporting to the occupied West Bank on Friday, are nearing expiration.

Following the announcement of the agreement, Palestinian officials faced widespread criticism on social media, with Palestinians accusing them of accepting substandard vaccinations and implying that they might not be effective.

Israel stated in its announcement of the arrangement that the vaccines “would expire soon,” but did not provide a timeframe.

After a highly effective vaccination campaign, Israel has reopened completely, but has been chastised for not sharing its supplies with the 4.5 million Palestinians living in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The Palestinian Authority would reimburse Israel with a similar quantity of vaccinations when it receives them from Pfizer in September or October, according to the new Israeli administration, which was sworn in on Sunday.

According to the authorities, up to 1.4 million dosages could be traded.

After the agreement was revealed, Foreign Minister Yair Lapid tweeted, “We will continue to find effective methods to collaborate for the good of people in the region.”

The first 100,000 pills were sent to the West Bank on Friday, according to Cogat, an Israeli military entity that administers civilian operations in the occupied areas.

The Palestinians interpreted the transaction in a different light, claiming that Pfizer requested the transfer to expedite the delivery of four million medicines that the PA had previously paid for in a direct agreement with the drug corporation.

According to the official Wafa news agency, Palestinian Health Minister Mai Alkaila remarked earlier on Friday, before the contract was called off, “This is not an agreement with Israel, but with the Pfizer corporation.”

She added at a press conference on Friday evening that health experts who evaluated the immunizations discovered that they “did.” (This is a brief piece.)


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