The owner’s plans for the Post Office have enraged the public.


The owner’s plans for the Post Office have enraged the public.

Even though neighbors are “furious” over the idea, the proprietor of New Ferry’s Post Office stated he plans to close it unless he receives urgent assistance.

The Post Office on New Chester Road in New Ferry, Wirral, is run by Vishal Jain, who says he can no longer afford to keep it open due to declining revenues.

He said his troubles date back to the March 2017 New Ferry explosion, in which Pascal Blasio intentionally blew up his own furniture store, injuring 81 people, destroying six businesses, and displacing 86 people.

A worried father of two awoke with only his head on a bed.

The blast left an indelible mark on the community, which may still be felt today.

Mr Jain told The Washington Newsday that “things are getting worse every year after the explosion.”

If New Ferry’s Post Office closes, it will be the third in recent months on the Wirral Peninsula to close, following Birkenhead Post Office in June and Neston Post Office in July.

Mr Jain believed the only way he could keep a Post Office open in New Ferry was to downsize, but this would cost him a lot of money, which he said he lacked.

“I don’t think the Post Office wants to spend a lot of money [on retaining a store in town], and I’ve looked into securing some funds from the council to keep a Post Office here,” he continued.

“The Post Office told me that if I need to relocate, I’ll have to pay £30,000. I’ll withdraw my application [to stay with the Post Office]and leave in March if I don’t get support to move.”

Mr. Jain’s Post Office has been plagued by a number of additional issues.

Changes in the amount he receives for services like handling letters and deliveries, as well as the shift to delivering services like passport renewals online, are among them.

He also needs to pay a percentage of the building’s maintenance costs, which means he’ll have to contribute 12% of the cost of Royal Mail’s new roof, which would cost £120,000, a significant figure for his little firm.

Mr. Jain recognized the presence of others. “The summary has come to an end.”


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