The owner’s cat is alerted to a deadly snake hiding in the shopping bags.


The owner’s cat is alerted to a deadly snake hiding in the shopping bags.

According to accounts, an Australian man was given a terrible shock after his cat alerted him to a deadly snake hidden in his shopping bags.

According to ABC News, Ricky Owens of Dartmoor, Victoria, had placed his grocery bags in his kitchen when he was alerted to the uninvited guest.

Owens came home, left his door open, and went outside for a bit before returning.

Owens told ABC in Australia, “I’d been out of the house for a couple of house.” “I just sat down when I returned and observed my old cat Gordon was banging about one of the lounge chairs, hissing and scratching and then jumping back.” Owens looked about his lounge chair but couldn’t find anything, so he decided “no more of it” and went out to a pub.

When Owens arrived home, though, his cat Gordon was still acting abnormally near the refrigerator.

“I was getting some tea out of the fridge, and the cat was clawing again among a couple of shopping bags I had sitting alongside the fridge,” Owens explained.

Owens got a terrible shock when he took up the shopping bag and saw the one-meter-long (nearly 3-foot) tiger snake crawling behind the fridge.

The tiger snake is a highly venomous snake found in southern Australia and on the country’s coastline islands. Humans can die from its venom.

He went on to say to ABC News: “All I had was approximately 6 inches of [the snake’s]belly protruding from behind the fridge. I couldn’t tell which end was the tail and which was the bitey end.” Thankfully, Owens just grasped the tail, and he was able to extract the snake from beneath the refrigerator and throw it over his rear fence.

Owens stated that he had learned a valuable lesson and that the tiger snake had entered through a hole in his fly screen door.

He explained to the network: “Take notice if your pet is doing something in the house that it doesn’t normally do. I wouldn’t have known anything if it hadn’t been for my cat’s antics.” Owens has been approached by Washington Newsday for comment.

A child in Australia discovered a gigantic earlier this year. This is a condensed version of the information.


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