The mother of the murdered Anthony Walker says: “They rip our hearts out again”, because the murderer may have to go to prison.


Gee Walker has commented on recent reports that the killer Michael Barton would likely be transferred to an open prison soon.

The mother of murdered black teenager Anthony Walker said today that the ongoing legal and prison appeals by her son’s killers “violate the peace of mind of our family.

The possible transfer of killer Michael Barton to an open prison has caused consternation in the family of his victim.

Barton was sentenced to a life sentence of at least 17 years, and Taylor, who delivered the fatal blow, is serving at least 23 years and eight months.

Barton’s cousin Paul Taylor, 20, then hit the beloved teenager over the head with an ice pick before the two fled to Amsterdam.

The 32-year-old was 17 when he threw racist abuse at 18-year-old Anthony and then attacked him in McGoldrick Park in Huyton in a murder that shocked the nation in 2005.

But the news has caused great consternation among the Walker family, who feel recklessly treated in their dealings with Barton and Taylor.

However, as Barton nears the end of his minimum sentence, set for August 2022, there have been discussions about downgrading his prison status to open prison.

The parole board recommends this step because it believes he has matured over the past ten years and has attended victim awareness and drug abuse courses.

Anthony’s mother told ECHO today: “Over the past six years we have been fighting these things [legal challenges and parole hearings].

“People think that what happened is going to go away, but it is not.

“They are not listening to us, why do they keep harassing us?

“Every year we get calls asking for witness statements. We comply, but I don’t know what else I can tell them.

“There is a parole board for criminals, but who takes care of us, Anthony’s family?

“Why should we keep fighting when the decision has already been made?

“They promised me a year for each of the years they took away my son.”

Barton, who brought the ax to the scene and racially abused Anthony and his black cousin, jumped into a car to chase the teenager before hiding in bushes and ambushed them when Anthony tried to escape through a nearby park.

“This just puts us through hell again and is a violation of our peace of mind, with nothing we say being taken on board.


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