The mother of the bride’s arm is broken by an ex-girlfriend, causing the wedding to be ruined.


The mother of the bride’s arm is broken by an ex-girlfriend, causing the wedding to be ruined.

Her partner’s ex-girlfriend wrecked a woman’s wedding week by breaking the mother of the bride’s arm.

Shelly Kerr and Stacey Lane had a falling out just days before Ms Kerr was to marry Lane’s previous partner, Michael Lyon.

Ms Kerr allegedly struck Lane first with a vape e-cigarette in a “blocking move,” according to the bride.

Lane, a mother of two, replied by pulling out a metal crutch from her trunk and screamed, “Happy f***ing wedding week!”

Ms Kerr was assaulted in the back with the crutch, and Paula Kerr’s arm was broken as she sought to protect her daughter.

Lane, 30, and Mr Lyon, 30, had two children, a boy and a girl, before their relationship ended, according to the court.

Mr Lyon afterwards began dating Shelly Kerr, according to prosecutor David Birrell, and the two were planning to marry in October 2019.

After Shelly and Paula Kerr dropped off Lane’s children at her home in Frankby Road, Newton, West Kirby, an altercation occurred at 7.30 p.m. on October 8, that year.

Shelly Kerr recalled Lane “shouting furiously” before Lane approached her, according to Mr Birrell.

“She lifted her right hand in a blocking action as the defendant went towards her, and the e-cigarette she was holding impacted the defendant in the forehead,” he added.

Lane walked to her car and muttered something along the lines of “fing watch this” and “happy fing wedding week,” according to Mr Birrell.

Lane allegedly “retrieved a metal hospital crutch” from her car and began “swinging” it at Shelly Kerr, according to him.

“Shelly Kerr was backing away in fear,” Mr Birrell added. The defendant whacked her with a crutch across the back of her head.

“The defendant drew the crutch back to hit her again, holding it in both hands and aiming for her head,” the prosecutor said.

At that time, Paula Kerr allegedly intervened and yelled at Shelly Kerr to get back into their Audi, according to the court.

“As the defendant struck a second blow with the crutch, Paula Kerr raised her arm to shield her daughter from the strike,” Mr Birrell said.

“When the blow landed on Paula Kerr’s arm, she immediately felt pain.

‘You’ve broken,’ she exclaimed.

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