The Met Office has issued a devastating report on the August heatwave.


The Met Office has issued a devastating report on the August heatwave.

Liverpool has been in the midst of a blazing heatwave for more than a week, but anyone hoping for the pleasant weather to last may be disappointed.

The Met Office had previously predicted another heatwave for the UK in early August, but an update from the weather service has put doubt on that prognosis.

Warmer weather was expected to return from August 2 to August 16, according to the Met Office, but it appears that the sun will be delayed, according to Wales Online.

“Remaining unsettled during much of this period, with most regions seeing showers or rain at times,” says the long-range weather forecast for July 28 to Friday, August 6. On Wednesday, heavy and persistent rain is expected throughout northern Scotland, and showers, possibly thundery at times, are expected across the rest of the UK.

“Conditions are still changing, with rain showers moving in from the west and the possibility of more thundery showers in between any drier intervals.

“Winds are forecast to be stronger than typical for this time of year. From the end of next week until early August, we may expect a mix of weather, with bright spells and heavy showers, as well as some longer periods of rain.

“The southwest could continue drier than usual, while the northeast could get wetter than usual. Temperatures will be average.”

From August 6, the Met Office predicts mixed weather for a few more days, with no dominant weather pattern and “sunny spells likely to be interspersed with showers or longer bouts of rain.”

But there’s good news after that, according to the long-term forecast: “As we get closer to mid-August, it’s most likely to settle down, with drier and warmer conditions developing.”

“Although confidence in the details is low, there are preliminary signs that high pressure will become more dominant in the middle of August, bringing more calm, drier, and warmer conditions to many.

“There is still a chance of showers or thunderstorms at times,” says the forecaster. Temperatures will most likely be higher than normal.”


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