The Merseyside police explain the secret reason why some of their cars have black hoods.


Many of us in the region will have seen the white livery of the Hyundai i30 and Peugeot 308 patrol cars.

The Merseyside police have explained why some of their vehicles have a different hood design.

Some of their vehicles have a different design – here is the reason

After the publication of a picture of the incident showing the stolen Audi and the police car, an alert observer tweeted to ask about the hood.

One of these vehicles was recently used by the Merseyside Police Roadside Unit to respond to a stolen Audi S4 driven with false plates.

However, you will find that some of these vehicles, which include BMWs and Vauxhalls, are fitted with half a black hood.

A team member of the road police responded and revealed the secret behind the different color.

They said: “Have you ever wondered why half the hood is black?

They twittered: “Black hoods = glare-free. I always thought it was because they themselves look cool, but I was wrong!

A dark hood reduces reflection and glare during the night when using blue light.

The squad also has yellow and orange painted vans and unmarked police cars, including BMW 3 Series and Peugeot 308.


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