The Man Charged With Murdering A 76-Year-Old Was Making Victim ‘Realize How To Treat Women’


The Man Charged With Murdering A 76-Year-Old Was Making Victim ‘Realize How To Treat Women’

A guy accused of murdering an elderly stranger has told the court that he only wanted to show him how to treat women. After the old man misbehaved with his date, the accused allegedly struck and kicked him.

Sebastian Ruiz, 31, testified in the Western Australian Supreme Court this week that he didn’t plan to kill the victim, Keith Moylan, 76, but rather to teach him how to respect women, according to

The tragic assault occurred in the early hours of December 21, 2019, at Moylan’s apartment in a retirement village in Mosman Park, where Ruiz’s date, named as Garbin, was a tenant.

Ruiz said in court that he met Garbin at a nightclub and that she informed him that Moylan was fascinated with her and that she awoke in her bedroom to him masturbating over her on one occasion. During their Uber trip back to the unit, prosecutor Katrin Robinson told the court that Garbin gave Ruiz her opinion, prompting Ruiz to believe that “he (Moylan) sounded like a creep,” according to

The lady is also accused of showing Ruiz a video clip on her phone of Moylan abusing her. When Ruiz heard Moylan and the woman bickering while under the influence of alcohol, he stormed into the unit and told the woman to pack her belongings. When the old guy attempted to take Ruiz’s phone, the latter punched Moylan, knocking him to the ground. According to the site, as Moylan tried to get up, he allegedly said, “she is mine.”

“This enraged the accused, and he kicked the dead in the face as he lay on the ground,” Robinson testified in court.

“He was in a rage fueled by drugs and alcohol.”

Following that, Ruiz allegedly hit Moylan many times and put his hand around his neck, asking him if he really believed the way he was treating women was right. Ruiz is also said to have savaged Moylan’s unit, leaving a scrawled note that said, “F..k you.” If Moylan wanted to bring charges against him, he told him, “You shouldn’t treat women like this.”

With a serious head injury, Moylan was transported to the hospital and ultimately pronounced dead. Ruiz is also accused of sending a photo of his shoes to a buddy. Brief News from Washington Newsday.


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