The majority of the top 50 universities in the United States do not require students to get the COVID vaccine.


The majority of the top 50 universities in the United States do not require students to get the COVID vaccine.

According to an Associated Press investigation, most of the country’s largest public colleges do not require students to obtain the COVID-19 vaccine before the start of a new semester.

According to the data, 26 of the 50 major public university campuses do not require immunization, which represents nearly 55 percent of students enrolled at those schools. The study focused on the major campuses by enrollment in 2019–2020 that provide on-campus accommodation and confer bachelor’s degrees.

Vaccine mandates are mostly found in universities in the Northeast and California. Almost 80% of those who do not get the vaccine are in places like Florida, Texas, and Arizona, which have limited COVID-19 vaccine regulations.

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The University of Connecticut is located in Hartford, Connecticut.

Students are supposed to be vaccinated, but the school has been accommodating to those who refuse. It has given over 800 exemptions without denying any of them, regardless of the rationale.

According to the university’s interim president, Dr. Andrew Agwunobi, a doctor, officials are working with students who have not followed the directive to understand their concerns about the immunizations.

“We would be extremely sensitive to the fact that there is disinformation out there,” he said, adding that “we might need to educate the student.” “So it’s about trying to engage with the student to figure out what their fears are and getting them to the correct immunization place.”

The university set up clinics for unvaccinated students to receive vaccinations as soon as they arrived. Cindy Barreto, a graduate student who claimed it was difficult to secure an appointment back home in Brazil, where her brother was hospitalized in intensive care with the illness, was one of many who signed up.

“I have friends who are waiting for the vaccine, and I would advise them not to,” she stated.

Students at Storrs High School, where 25% of classes were online last year, are looking for a better experience this autumn. This semester, approximately 90% of classes at the university, where around 11,000 of the 19,000 undergraduates reside on campus, were planned to be held in person. Indoors, all pupils must wear masks, and those who have not been vaccinated must undergo weekly testing.

ten COVID-infected

According to UConn officials, 19 infections have been reported among students since the semester began. This is a condensed version of the information.


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