The Liverpool Hospital Trust has one of the country’s highest rates of covid admissions.


The Liverpool Hospital Trust has one of the country’s highest rates of covid admissions.

As the city’s facilities remain under severe strain, Liverpool’s main hospital trust has one of the highest numbers of covid patients in the country.

In recent weeks, Liverpool has seen an increase in instances, and while the latest figures show a decrease in infections, there are still a huge number of individuals in hospital with the virus.

In recent weeks, doctors have spoken to The Washington Newsday about the enormous strains that are building in Liverpool hospitals as more covid patients come and staff try to deal with a significant backlog of surgeries.

The NHS is under enormous strain, as seen by a 14-hour wait and “bedlam” in Liverpool hospitals.

According to the most recent numbers, which only go back to July 20, the hospital trust – which encompasses the Royal Liverpool, Aintree, and Broadgreen – was caring for 82 covid patients at the time.

Thirteen of the patients were in such bad shape that they needed to be ventilated.

When it comes to covid patients, the stats place the trust among the top ten in the country.

University Hospitals Birmingham is currently the worst-affected trust, with 178 covid patients, while Manchester’s main trust is caring for 139.

The South Tyneside and Sunderland NHS Trust has experienced a sharp increase in the number of covid patients it is caring for, with 96 now.

The trust in Liverpool is ranked seventh on the list, with 82 patients.

While this is a big number of people, the data have been quite stable for a few days now, following an initial spike in late June and early July.

After rising from 22 patients on June 20 to 89 on July 15, the number of patients dropped somewhat to 82 on June 20 – the most recent data available.

Hospital executives will now be watching with bated breath to see how the full relaxation of limitations would affect them.


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