The ‘life-changing’ project has enthralled children in an impoverished area.


The ‘life-changing’ project has enthralled children in an impoverished area.

Thanks to a unit in a Merseyside shopping complex, children in a poor community have been given the opportunity to excel.

In Bootle, Kingsley & Co. has proven to be a hit with both kids and parents.

After a successful pop-up event in 2013, where thousands of youngsters got involved with books, local charity Ykids decided to open a bookshop and learning space.

A man who was arrested in Tesco for using a £100 coin has been awarded £5,000 in damages.

Following Sefton Council’s purchase of the Strand, the charity was able to open Kingsley & Co. on the bottom floor of the complex permanently.

The charity uses Kingsley & Co to assist address the low reading rates in Bootle, as well as becoming the area’s only bookshop with a learning space and interactive workshops. They collaborate with schools to arrange workshops and host their own for children.

Claire Morgans, CEO of Ykids, spoke passionately about the charity’s work with local children.

“The trouble is, we’ve been in Covid for the most of the time [since we opened], so we haven’t been able to produce a proper effect report,” she told The Washington Newsday. “However, during the ‘Dino Dig,’ we did a lot of evaluation of post-Covid rehabilitation and bringing the community back together.” We wanted to provide a chance for families who couldn’t afford to go on vacation or do other activities.

“People enjoyed the quality of the event and the way they were handled, according to the feedback we received.” They think the staff was great. Every youngster was treated with respect by the staff.

“I say staff, but it was 50% staff and 50% volunteers, with the majority of them being young people themselves.” It’s all about building community, in my opinion.

“The impact we’re making in Bootle right now is about building community, about getting kids enthusiastic about coming to the Strand.” We expect to have an impact on literacy in the long run, but we haven’t been able to make such comparisons since we haven’t been able to stay open long enough without being shut down again.

“We also have other problems, such as the Strand closing at 5.30 p.m. and the fact that the kids are in school.”

“The summary comes to an end.”


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