The lead detective, Rhys Jones, pays an emotional visit to his grave.


The lead detective, Rhys Jones, pays an emotional visit to his grave.

For the first time, the detective who assisted in the arrest of Rhys Jones’ killer has spoken about his painful visit to the 11-year-burial. old’s

In 2007, innocent Rhys was shot in Croxteth after being caught in the crossfire of rival gangs.

Det Supt Dave Kelly headed the team that secured Sean Mercer’s murder conviction at the age of 16.

The latest warning to Liverpool’s hideaway crooks comes from the Costa del Sol.

Dave became close to the family during the investigation, and after retiring, he paid a visit to Everton fan Rhys’ cemetery with Rhys’ father Steve, according to Mirror Online.

“It’s a wonderful grave, with the Everton emblem,” Dave said. I made a few remarks. Steve used to compose poems about him, and I told him, ‘You’ll have to quit writing,’ because I couldn’t handle it any longer. They were teary-eyed.

“In one of them, he said something about Rhys playing football in heaven, so I said, ‘I hope you’re playing football, lad.’”

Both stars in a new Discovery+ series called Britain’s Deadliest Kids, in which they feature in a documentary.

As he spoke about the murder that horrified the country, Dave shed a tear.

Mercer received a 22-year sentence, but Dave believes he should be locked up for the rest of his life.

“Some people are rehabilitated and flourish, but the majority are not,” he remarked. It’s their way of life, their parents’ influence, and their surroundings.”

Rhys’ mother Mel spoke about the devastating aftermath of the shooting last year. “I just raced over to him and put my arms under his head,” she explained.

“I kept talking to him and telling him to ‘remain with me, stay with me, Rhys.’

“However, he made no response at all. He was simply laying in a large pool of blood.

“He was such a pleasant, outgoing young man.”

The young fan’s funeral was attended by many Everton players, and his coffin was wrapped in his team’s colors.


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