The killer said he sought to save the victim who was “dying in his arms.”


The killer said he sought to save the victim who was “dying in his arms.”

As his victim was ‘dying in his arms,’ a deadly driver pretended to try to save his life.

Jack Pearson was driving a “brand new” Audi S3 Quattro that he claimed he “stolen” at speeds of above 90 mph.

He hit Phillip Caine’s Ford Fiesta at 100 mph in a crash in Walton, leaving the 23-year-old with fatal injuries.

Pearson, 28, of West Derby’s East Prescot Road, was sentenced to six years in prison after admitting to causing death by careless driving.

He lied to police both at the moment, when he claimed he was only doing 40mph, and months after, when he even blamed Mr Caine for the incident, according to Liverpool Crown Court.

Judge Stuart Driver, QC, questioned the prosecution about another claim made by Pearson in a psychiatric report, “when he informed the doctor what he did at the scene – his efforts to assist the deceased and the dead dying in his arms,” at the sentence hearing.

Prosecutor Robert Dudley stated that the Crown did not accept this because it did not occur, and Judge Driver stated that he would “disregard it.”

At around 10 p.m. on Friday, January 25, 2019, Pearson slammed into Mr Caine’s Fiesta as the victim was turning right onto Queens Drive.

The incident caused the victim’s car to “barrel roll” onto its side, while the Audi uprooted a tree and collided with a lamppost.

Pearson and two passengers with whom he had eaten in Crosby, according to Mr Dudley, went over to the Fiesta to see if they could help.

However, a crowd had collected, and by accident, one of the first automobiles to pull over was that of an off-duty paramedic out with his family.

Mr Dudley claimed that John Court had a first-aid bag in his boot and urged onlookers to keep the car stable while he crawled in through the driver’s window.

Mr Caine, whose seat had been pushed to the passenger side, was knocked out and had weak breathing. The summary comes to a close.


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