The killer driver in the Audi “drove 65 miles per hour in a 30-minute zone”.


Hassan Saad met Istvan Tamas, 50, at Pingwood Lane in Kirkby, near the Williams Brothers’ industrial estate.

A speeding driver who ran over a pedestrian and killed him allegedly drove 65 miles per hour in a 30-minute zone.

He killed a 50-year-old pedestrian, but denies how fast he was going.

Saad, from Redwald Close, Tower Hill, was originally arrested on suspicion of drug driving and questioned by police.

Mr. Tamas of Everton was pronounced dead at the scene of the crime around 5 p.m. on Thursday, December 20, 2018.

The police estimate that the 38-year-old was driving at more than twice the maximum speed in his blue Audi S3 at the time.

Lee Bonner, the defense attorney, requested a postponement due to an expert opinion before the sentencing and a report by an expert on road traffic collisions.

He appeared this morning in the dock of the Liverpool Crown Court accused of causing death by careless driving.

Saad, from Redwald Close, Tower Hill, with a shaved head, blue shirt and yellow tie, admitted the charge.

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he said: “Mr. Saad is 39 years old, some history, but nothing since 2013 and certainly nothing for this kind of crime”.

Mr. Bonner added that a police officer wrote a report after viewing the video footage and calculating the speed of the Audi.

He said that the question of how fast his client drove over the limit is likely to be a key question in his conviction when it comes to his guilt.

The lawyer said Saad had accepted that he had exceeded the limit at a careless speed, but there could be a dispute about how fast he was driving.

Judge Denis Watson, QC, said, “Does Mr. Saad have a personal opinion about how fast he was going?

Mr. Bonner said the officer estimated that he was driving 65 miles per hour over a distance of about 27 meters, and for part of those 27 meters he had his brake lights on, which suggests that his original speed may have been higher.

The judge asked if there was any evidence that drugs or alcohol were involved, whereupon Mr. Bonner said, “There is a reference to cocaine. It will not be relevant here because it seems to have been left in the bloodstream from about a week earlier and there is no evidence that it affected his driving.

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Mr. Bonner replied: “In an interview he stated 30 to 40 miles per hour. It may well be that it was at the top end of that and beyond, but whether it was as high as about 65 miles per hour, there is a certain gap”.


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