The KFC gives away free food for each child during the half-time break.


Located on West Derby Road, the restaurant has joined the flood of support to help hungry children in the area.

A KFC restaurant in Tuebrook is giving away free food for every child during the halftime break.

KFC has joined the flood of support and offers a free snack box and drink to help hungry children in the area.

This came after Premier League footballer Marcus Rashford launched a campaign to ensure that underprivileged school children had access to free food over the holidays.

Many companies across the country have joined forces to provide free food and meals during this time.

The issue of free school meals was a big topic of conversation after the conservative government rejected a request to continue the much-cited program of free school meals during the October half term.

The English striker spoke out loudly in support of his efforts to end child food poverty and campaigned to extend the government’s campaign for free school meals until 2021.

Now a Tuebrook-based KFC franchise is helping to ensure that children in the region do not go hungry.

However, the government blocked the offer and decided not to continue the project after a vote in parliament.

A sign, which was stuck to a window of the restaurant, confirms the initiative for every child who wants to eat a bite.

The restaurant offers each child a free snack and a drink between 11:30 and 12:30.

said the KFC: “With what is going on here, we want to make our contribution to the community… Soul Foods in the heart. Free school food is on us”.


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