The jury found that deliberate exaggeration was used to excuse the ‘attack’ on Dalian Atkinson.


The jury found that deliberate exaggeration was used to excuse the ‘attack’ on Dalian Atkinson.

The prosecutor in their trial claims that a police officer accused of murdering Dalian Atkinson and another cop charged with assault have drawn an inflated picture of the ex-behavior. footballer’s

Pc Benjamin Monk and his West Mercia force colleague Mary Ellen Bettley-Smith, according to Crown counsel Alexandra Healy QC, exploited their police training to exaggerate the former Premier League star’s behavior and justify their own actions.

Ms Healy characterized elements of the two officers’ testimony as a “narrative that runs against the evidence” in her closing argument to a jury at Birmingham Crown Court.

Prior to the death of former Aston Villa, Sheffield Wednesday, and Ipswich Town player Atkinson in August 2016, prosecutors claim Monk used unlawful and disproportionate force out of rage.

Monk, 43, has pleaded not guilty to murder and manslaughter charges, while Bettley-Smith, 31, is accused of attacking Atkinson with a baton at his father’s home in Telford, Shropshire.

Ms Healy claimed Monk exaggerated Atkinson’s stature to justify a 33-second Taser discharge and at least two kicks to the 48-year-forehead, old’s speaking to the jury from the witness box of a court reorganized owing to Covid safety measures.

Following the altercation, Bettley-Smith judged Atkinson, who was 5ft 11ins tall, to be “6ft 4ins or taller,” according to the court, while Monk said the ex-sportsman was “huge” despite being one inch taller than him in a police interview.

“The Crown says this exaggeration of his size is a purposeful exaggeration because these police knew they needed to defend their actions,” Ms Healy told jurors on Thursday.

“It’s evident Mr Atkinson was going through some form of mental health crisis, and as a result, he was acting strangely.

“Mr Atkinson was unarmed, he never touched Pc Monk, and he never touched Pc Bettley-Smith.

“According to the Crown, these two officers attempted to use their expertise and understanding as police officers to build an exaggerated picture of Mr Atkinson’s behavior in order to silence him. (This is a brief piece.)


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