The Joke Company That JPMorgan CEO ‘Regrets’ Would Last Longer Than China’s Communist Party


The Joke Company That JPMorgan CEO ‘Regrets’ Would Last Longer Than China’s Communist Party

After making fun of the Chinese Communist Party last week, JPMorgan Chase’s CEO has apologized.

Jamie Dimon was speaking at a Boston College event when he shared a story from a trip to Hong Kong, when he heard that both the CCP and JPMorgan are celebrating their 100th birthdays. “I’d give you a bet we last longer,” he added. He went on to explain that in China, which has ruled Hong Kong since 1997, he couldn’t say that.

Dimon added, “They’re probably listening anyway.”

He’s now retracting his remark. He has issued an apology for the comments, claiming that he “deeply regrets” expressing them.

“It’s never right to make fun of or criticize any group of people,” Dimon added, whether it’s a country, its leadership, or any aspect of society and culture.

JPMorgan Chase, among other American banks, has a presence in China. The capacity of these banks to do business in China and how successful they are, according to the Associated Press, is “often at the whim of the Chinese government.” JPMorgan’s business in the country will continue, according to a spokeswoman, but Dimon’s joke has put their partnership in jeopardy.

The bank has issued a statement in response to the incident, stating that “he should never speak carelessly or disrespectfully about another country or its government.”

He also compared the sociopolitical conditions of the United States and China while speaking at Boston College. “We have the gifts of our founding fathers: freedom of speech, religion, enterprise, human capital freedom, and immigration,” he explained.

He explained, “If you opened the doors of America, a billion people would flock here.” “How many people do you think will go to China if you open the doors?” See the following links for further Associated Press reporting: Dimon made his first trip to Hong Kong since the pandemic last week as part of a tour of JPMorgan’s Asian operations. As part of his travel, Dimon received a special COVID-19 quarantine waiver from the Hong Kong government.

Dimon has a reputation for voicing his opinion with minimal filters. He had a candid conversation with President Joe Biden, according to Washington Newsday. This is a condensed version of the information.


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