The internet rallies behind a groom who refuses to have his fiancée’s sister in his wedding after she ‘harassed’ him.


The internet rallies behind a groom who refuses to have his fiancée’s sister in his wedding after she ‘harassed’ him.

When a man stated in a now-viral post that he doesn’t want his fiancée’s sister in his wedding party, he caught the attention of the internet.

The man claimed that his fiancée’s sister lived with the pair at one point while she was attending college when posting to Reddit’s “Am I The A**hole” section on Monday under the moniker u/aita weddingtroubles. During this time, she, on the other hand, “harassed” him.

“She’d say stuff like ‘you’d look amazing in that’ or ‘I wish I could find someone like you,'” the man stated in the post, which has over 6,000 likes.

“It revealed [sic]into her ‘accidentally’ walking in on me in the shower, spilling stuff on me so I had to change clothes, stating she should be in my fiancée’s shoes, and continually making comments about my body,” he continued.

He brought the comments to his fiancée’s attention because he was “uncomfortable,” but she disregarded them as nothing more than a “joke.”

As a result, when the man’s fiancée said she wanted her sister to be her maid of honor, he resisted.

“I told her everything I’d stated previously, and I warned her that her sister might try to sabotage the wedding because of this big crush [if that’s the correct term]she has on me,” he added.

“I also indicated that I wouldn’t mind her being involved in the wedding in some other capacity,” he said, “but I don’t feel comfortable with her being so involved and so near to both of us.”

Regardless of his thoughts on the subject, his fiancée held firm. In answer, the man posed the following question to her: “What if you felt uneasy in the presence of my brother [best man]? Wouldn’t it be better if he wasn’t invited to the wedding?” “Yes,” she replied, adding that she dislikes his brother. “My brother could get kicked out of the wedding party for my fiancée not liking him,” the man said on Reddit, “but her sister can’t get kicked out for virtually sexually harassing me.” The National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) estimates that 43 percent of males and 81 percent of women in the United States have been victims of sexual violence. This is a condensed version of the information.


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