The internet backs a man who wants his brother-in-law to pay for his sister-in-dress law’s after a milk prank.


The internet backs a man who wants his brother-in-law to pay for his sister-in-dress law’s after a milk prank.

A man claimed that his sister’s husband “ruined” his girlfriend’s clothing by dumping milk on it as a “prank” in a now-viral Reddit post. Furious, the unnamed man asked that his brother-in-law pay for his girlfriend’s attire.

The poster’s sister and husband said he was exaggerating, but online users rallied to his rescue.

“AITA [Am I The A**hole] for demanding my sister’s husband pay for my girlfriend’s outfit that he trashed during his wedding?” a man with the moniker u/NonTueWed3099 questioned on the popular Reddit topic “Am I The A**hole.” More than 14,000 votes and 2,000 comments have been left on the post.

The prank took place at his sister and brother-in-wedding law’s reception, according to the poster.

“My [23M] sister [F26] recently married one of those ‘It’s just a prank, dude’ guys,” the man wrote in his message. “The guy is a hysterical character who laughs at everything he sees. He constantly makes jokes, taunts, mocks, and pulls incredibly unpleasant and vicious pranks. It’s as though he doesn’t have a filter.

“Once he found out I was bringing my girlfriend, whom he had teased/pranked a few of times,” the user said, “he started making comments about committing some humorous pranks at the wedding.” “I warned him I wouldn’t react well and that he could do whatever he wanted with the information. He just laughed at me, and I didn’t see him again until the wedding.” The poster said he and his partner were approached by his sister’s husband, who was holding a glass of milk, at the reception. The groom poured a glass of milk on the poster’s girlfriend after some back and forth.

The poster stated, “My girlfriend was so astonished she froze.” “He burst out laughing and said, ‘gotcha.’ I was taken aback and questioned, “What the hell did he do it for?”” The couple left after the brother-in-law blamed the poster’s girlfriend for not being able to take a joke. The next day, the poster called his sister and asked that her husband compensate his girlfriend for the $320 outfit she had been wearing.

“My sister stated milk doesn’t spoil a dress and apologized after he had a fit and said it was just a prank. This is a condensed version of the information.


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