The infection rate with the Liverpool Coronavirus continues to decrease.


The number of cases has now been declining for several days in a row – and this trend has continued in today’s latest update.

Liverpool’s Covid-19 infection rate has dropped again – although the overall level remains dangerously high.

The numbers have dropped again – but the overall level is still dangerously high.

The continued decline in numbers could indicate that the restrictions in the city are beginning to take effect, with Liverpool and the rest of the city region under the highest Tier 3 restrictions.

However, the latest data, which covers the tests up to October 24, shows that the total number of confirmed cases for the last 7 days is 2,391 – a significant decrease of 601 cases from the previous week.

The city’s total infection rate is currently 480.1 per 100,000, a small decrease from yesterday’s update when it was 487 per 100,000.

And while it is declining overall, the seven-day rate of new infections in the elderly is very high, resulting in increased pressure on hospitals and deaths from Covid.

The wards with the largest number of confirmed cases are Central (132 cases), Greenbank (116 cases), Norris Green (114 cases), Riverside (99 cases), Knotty Ash (97 cases), Kirkdale (95 cases), Picton (93 cases), Fazakerley (93 cases), Warbreck (92 cases), Allerton and Hunts Cross (89 cases) and Clubmoor (87 cases).

Health bosses have warned that while any decline in infection rates in the city is welcome, the numbers are still very high.

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Unfortunately, this month alone there were over 130 deaths of 19 Covids at the city’s main NHS Trust.

And these deaths still account for a large proportion of the total number of deaths in the city.

A total of 200 deaths were recorded in Liverpool between 20 and 26 October, of which 37% (74) were Covid 19 deaths.


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