The ideal retort to the Scouse “stereotype” from a Cockney.


The ideal retort to the Scouse “stereotype” from a Cockney.

A Cockney has been praised and thanked for his excellent summary of the nice attributes of Liverpool residents.

Londoner Dave Hillyard praised the organization on the Lost and Found in Liverpool public Facebook page, citing it as an example of the city’s honesty and kindness.

The post was well-received, with thousands of likes and hundreds of comments from its followers.

The 14-year-old girl was last seen five days ago on Snapchat maps.

“I’m a cockney… I’m a cockney… I’m a cockney… I’m a cockney… I’m a If I ever hear the terms Scouse [and]robbers in the same sentence again, I’m going to look on Liverpool’s lost and found.

“How good are these folks at reconnecting owners with their phones, watches, motorcycles, and other valuables? Thank you very much.”

People expressed their gratitude for Dave’s genuine words in the comments section.

Jo Cussell, a fellow Londoner, agreed, writing, “I second this, being a Cockney myself.” Scousers are the best folks you’ll ever meet.”

“Scousers and Cockneys are the best people ever,” Phyllis Pip Rimmer stated. My father was a Cockney, so I’m a Scouse x”.

“We have a poor rap,” Marie Ashley agreed with Dave, adding, “but most of us would give you our last penny x.”

Another Londoner who now lives in Liverpool expressed her admiration for the city. “I’m a Cockney and love Liverpool and the people; I’d never go back to London!!!!,” Ricki-Jay Hyatt remarked.

Gill Thefaff agreed with the post and used an example from her own life to illustrate the bias she experienced as a Liverpool native.

“It’s wonderful to hear that so many people think Scousers are lovely people, because the vast majority of us are,” Gill remarked. However, I must admit that when I worked abroad many years ago, I was astounded by some people’s reactions to the fact that I was from Liverpool.

“All the jokes about Scousers being thieves and so on. My manager, a southerner, told me that I could accomplish everything needed of me in my position, but I wasn’t allowed near the till, despite the fact that other individuals doing the same job could.

“Suffice to say, I was only there for four weeks!”

Another thoughtful commenter, John Guest, added: “Thank you.” “Summary concludes.”


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