The hypocrisy of the democrats damages democracy | opinion.


For almost all mainstream media and half the country who voted for Joe Biden, President Donald Trump and his supporters are bad losers.

The president’s refusal to accept the media scrutineers’ projections that he lost the election, as well as his allegations that the election will be stolen from him, is described as more than just bad sportsmanship. Along with many of the 71 million Americans who voted for him, he is accused of spreading “disinformation” about allegations of electoral fraud against officials in cities and states governed by the Democrats, who allegedly misrepresented the count and undermined the integrity of the election. They believe that the Republican aversion to defeat and the spreading of Democratic conspiracy theories about fraud is not only false, but also a threat to democracy.

Republicans’ complaints about lack of transparency or errors in counting votes in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan deserve investigation. The delays in counting votes may simply be due to the fact that Democrats vote far more often by mail, while Republicans overwhelmingly preferred to do so in person. It may not have been fraud, but this unusual development did not seem unduly fishy to some on the right.

But even if Biden won legitimately, does anyone believe that the Democrats would not commit a foul if the shoe was on the other foot? If Biden had taken the lead on election night, but then his supporters had to watch in horror as millions of absentee ballots – counted by an overwhelming majority in favor of their opponent – were counted late and decided the election against them, would the Democrats have accepted this without asking questions?

The self-righteous horror at the Republicans’ audacity to point to the history of crooked politics in places like Philadelphia where the election is slipping out of their hands, or to claim that it is racist to point to these facts, was equally unconvincing.

But even if you think Trump and the Republicans are making a mistake by not accepting defeat gracefully, the hypocrisy of their opponents is staggering. The self-righteous sniffing and panting of CNN presenters about conservatives not bowing down to the apparent outcome and participating in the media celebration of the Biden victory is rich.

It’s not just that in the 2020 campaign the liberal media redefined the term “disinformation” to cover everything that hurts Biden, and thus something that no one should discuss, let alone publish. Nor is it just the result of the kid-glove reporting that Biden received from the mainstream media during the campaign, or the way the same channels and publications cheered the efforts of the oligarch billionaires who own Facebook and Twitter to censor such stories.

The problem with liberal criticism of Trump and the Republicans lies in the fact that it was the Democrats who refused to accept the results of the 2016 presidential election. It is the same people who have spent the last four years spreading conspiracy theories about the 2016 election, questioning not only the election they narrowly lost to Trump, but also the patriotism and legitimacy of their opponents.

Hillary Clinton admitted her defeat the day after the 2016 election. But behind this apparent willingness to play by the rules, and the apparent cooperation of the outgoing Obama administration with Trump’s transition team, there was something deeply sinister and dangerous to democracy.

Back then, the Democrats were not the good sport they want to be as Republicans today. Instead of letting the GOP enjoy its triumph, the left immediately began treating the Trump presidency as illegitimate. In the weeks following the election, a “resistance” – rather than a normal loyal opposition – set the tone for the next four years by pushing Trump out of office. With the help of their media allies, a women’s protest march led by a group of anti-Semites and radicals overshadowed Trump’s inauguration, something that had never happened before in American political history.

Within weeks of Clinton’s defeat, even liberal publications and broadcasters began to claim that the problem was not their low sympathy ratings or their incompetent campaign. Instead, d


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