The house in Liverpool turned into a spooky Halloween wonderland.


Tucked away on East Lancashire Road, Danielle Lawless’s house turns into a house of horror every Halloween so that her daughters can celebrate the spooky holiday.

Since the scariest day of the year is only hours away, we searched the city for some of the most impressive Halloween houses – and one stood apart from the rest.

The Norris Green House has become a spooky attraction

Even a witch flies away on her broom near the windows on the upper floor.

This Halloween is Danielle’s eighth year of filling her garden with the scariest things there are, including a zombie coming out of the ground, a creepy coffin and Danielle’s favorite – her horrible clown.

Although Halloween will undoubtedly be different for many this year, Danielle said she has decided to keep things as normal as possible for her daughters Elesha, 19, and Ruby, 10.

Danielle said, “I do this every year, it must be about eight years now. We try to cover different topics each time.

Originally just a way to help her daughters celebrate Halloween, Danielle says that now even people ask if certain decorations will come back.

“I wasn’t sure if I should do it, but I thought with all that’s going on, coronavirus and all, nothing would stop me.

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“That’s not even all I have, that’s just part of it. I have big bouncy castles and everything now, but I usually put everything out about a week and a half before Halloween.

She added, “I just thought it would be fun for the kids, I started with a big spider web, then I got a witch, and it just grew every year.

“I just hung all this up yesterday because I was, um, uh, thinking about whether I should do it.

She said, “We’ll just have a movie night instead, I have candy and everything they need so they don’t miss anything.

Danielle says that despite the fact that Halloween is a little different this year due to local restrictions, she still helps her kids celebrate at home….


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