The ‘horror’ of a pensioner leaves her ‘stuck at home.’


The ‘horror’ of a pensioner leaves her ‘stuck at home.’

After “selfish” cars jammed her car in, a retiree said she felt trapped in her home.

Pamela, who did not want her last name used, is 67 years old and said parking in Liscard, Wallasey, was a “disaster.”

She stated, ” “For the past seven and a half years, I’ve lived on Kingswood Road in Liscard, where parking is a problem.

In Liverpool, a Ryanair plane was forced to make an emergency landing “My neighbor and I have authorized off-road parking for two cars, but we’ve come out of our house many times to find ourselves blocked in by some selfish person who thinks it’s OK to do so.

“We’re both retired and disabled, and parking is a nuisance because people park there and go through the side streets to get to Liscard or catch a bus to Liverpool. It’s time to take action.” Pamela spoke with The Washington Newsday after we published a story about a man’s three-year struggle to address his parking troubles on Eaton Street in Liscard, Wirral, which he claimed were exacerbated by the lack of permit parking on his street.

Ian Burgess, 55, expressed his thoughts as follows: “I’ve lived on Eaton Street for nearly three years, and parking has always been an issue for us.

“If you have shopping to unload, you may have to park at the far end of the road, which might be up to 60 meters away.

“On Sundays, many park on the street, despite the fact that anyone with a permission can park wherever. Maldwyn Road, which runs alongside us, has the same difficulty of being a no-permit road.” He claims that the major issue is from visitors to Liscard town centre who try to bypass the designated routes and avoid paying for parking in one of the nearby car parks.

Others have contacted The Washington Newsday, expressing similar concerns about surrounding highways.

According to Chris Doyle, “We’ve lived on our property for almost 40 years, and the double yellow lines in front of our house have always been there.

“Our road is only a few homes long, with only two houses and one on the corner of Rullerton Road.”

The summary comes to a conclusion.”


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