The historic Merseyside arcade has been transformed into a ‘Final Destination’ setting.


The historic Merseyside arcade has been transformed into a ‘Final Destination’ setting.

The future of a Cambridge Arcade in Southport has been questioned.

Despite vendors giving it a boost in recent years, the arcade has become dilapidated.

The structure was designated as a Grade II landmark on November 15, 1972.

The shooting of a lady by police in Toxteth was not captured on body-worn cameras, and the arcade has since fallen into ruin.

The Southport Business Improvement District took to their website to express their dissatisfaction with the arcade’s current course.

With the town deal in place, Southport now has just under £40 million to invest in the town.

The initial investment was in the redevelopment of Southport Market, and more recently, the Crown Buildings were changed into the Enterprise Arcade, which would provide a location for new businesses to try their hand on the main street.

The arcade, which will be housed in one of Southport’s oldest structures, is expected to cost £1.5 million.

The CEO of Southport BID wants money put into Cambridge Arcade and Cambridge Walks, which are just near to the Crown Buildings, where the arcade will be built.

Cllr Marion Atkinson, a cabinet member for regeneration, told The Washington Newsday that this is a “important initiative” for the regeneration of Southport.

Julian, the owner of the Tap and Bottle on Cambridge Arcade and Cambridge Walk, told The Washington Newsday: “They’ve shot themselves in the foot because if they’d kept it up, it would have been in a much better situation.

“I believe it has now reached a stage where it is perhaps too bad. To be honest, I’m not an anxious guy, but every now and then when I’m walking along [the arcade], I glance up and it’s like a scene from Final Destination when you’re about to be stabbed by a pane of glass.

“I’ve seen things fall down, like a wet piece of ply wood. Fortunately, no one was hurt. We’ve seen lampshades collapse, and it was fortunate that no one was hurt.

“They’re merely made of plastic, but they have the potential to cause harm. I couldn’t tell you how much it was.” The summary comes to a conclusion.”


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