The heartless reactions to the pictures of the injured Pat, 75, worry me about our country.


But today has proven that we can all still be surprised by the cynicism that seems to prevail in large parts of today’s society.

As journalists in a world where social media is king, we see a lot of pretty depressing things.

OPINION: Political editor Liam Thorp fears after some heartless reactions to today’s story about the future

Pat McDonald, who has worked as a nurse in the NHS for 35 years, has a number of existing health problems and disabilities – she is a vulnerable older woman.

Yesterday I spoke to the daughter of a 75-year-old woman who was seriously injured in a serious fall outside her home in Birkenhead, Wirral.

Katie was very keen to point out that she did not blame any of the NHS staff involved in the mammoth wait and praised their efforts and professionalism that day.

Her daughter Katie, currently an NHS nurse, explained the traumatic situation in which her elderly and seriously injured mother was left lying on the sidewalk for three hours while waiting for an ambulance to arrive.

She had a severely broken wrist (as you can see in the pictures) as well as other injuries and was in agony.

As a nurse in our health service, she sees the enormous pressure the staff is under every day – and witnessed it again when her mother was stopped by corridors full of paramedics waiting for her patients to be assigned a bed at Arrowe Park Hospital.

The image of Pat lying on the floor in pain is shocking, and when I was preparing the article for this morning I felt it was an important story to highlight the growing crisis in the NHS.

In this job and in the social media you expect a fair amount of cynicism, and I know that some people try to offend because they basically have nothing better to do.

I woke up today and was not surprised to see that the story received many reactions and was shared far and wide.

“Why couldn’t one of these people give up their chair for her? Was it a wrist injury or am I stupid,” asked one person on Twitter.

But I am really amazed at the amount of negative, critical and accusatory comments fired at an injured pensioner and her worried family.

Another one tweeted cynically: “Looks like they moved the patio furniture to the front and everyone had tea while she was lying on the floor.

“In the picture you can see the edge of the front door. Why make them wait three hours outside,” asked another….


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