The headquarters of the ‘Tarmacademy’ were ransacked and vandalized after the firm went bankrupt.


The headquarters of the ‘Tarmacademy’ were ransacked and vandalized after the firm went bankrupt.

This is the terrible state of affairs at the building firm behind the tainted Tarmacademy plan.

Vital Infrastructure Asset Management (VIAM), formerly known as King Construction, has called in administrators.

Due to escalating cashflow troubles and “extreme financial pressure,” the civil engineering, utilities, and construction corporation is said to have gone into administration in May.

Government inspector Max Caller singled out Tarmacademy as a cause for worry. The company has since been taken over by new management.

The academy project, which was originally owned by businessman Mark Doyle and touted as having the potential to aid up to 1,000 unemployed people in north Liverpool, was never developed after Liverpool Council borrowed £3.5 million to purchase the site and an asphalt plant in Brunswick Place.

VIAM’s facility in Derby Road, Kirkdale, where the Tarmacademy is located, has been vandalized and damaged, according to recent images obtained by the ECHO.

The rooms have been stripped, with furniture and items thrown around and in disarray, as well as graffiti on the office complex’s walls.

Sources told the ECHO that valuable equipment had been taken, including tools, trucks, and even excavators.

“I’ve never seen anything like it in all my years working in the industry,” one remarked.

In Skelmersdale, King Construction had bases on Derby Road, Goodlass Road, Speke Road, and Newstet Road.

“All the offices have been completely ransacked, paperwork has been smashed, you would not believe the situation of Derby Road now,” one source added.

“It appears that no one has been held accountable.”

VIAM employed 300 individuals, all of whom have now been laid off.

It is believed that they were only told about their jobs being eliminated after they had already been fired. The summary comes to a close.


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