The head of virus research dedicates the work of the center to the king.


The head of virus research dedicates the work of the center to the king.

His honorary OBE, according to the director of a renowned virus research lab, is a “reflection on the depth and breadth of work we’ve done” throughout the pandemic.

The Medical Research Council-University of Glasgow Centre for Virus Research (CVR), housed in the Sir Michael Stoker Building on the Garscube campus, is led by Professor Massimo Palmarini.

In the Queen’s Birthday Honours list, he was given an honorary OBE for contributions to public health despite not being a British citizen.

I’m pleased of the CVR because I believe it reflects the breadth and depth of our efforts.

Prof Palmarini was keen to point out that he is simply “representing” the center, telling the PA news agency, “It is not about me… It’s a true reflection of the center’s efforts.

“In my capacity as director, I have represented the CVR in recent years, particularly during the Covid response.

“I’m not really familiar with the system… It’s a British tradition, and I’ve been here for quite some time, so it’s nice to be acknowledged in this way.

“It’s more of a representation of the folks at the center’s work.”

Prof Palmarini, on the other hand, said he had kept quiet about the award, only telling “my mother, my wife, and my most ardent collaborators” after learning of it.

Professor Richard Elliott, who worked in the virology unit and died just as the lab opened in 2015, was given exclusive access to a containment level three (CL3) laboratory in the centre earlier this year.

At the time, Prof Palmarini described the team’s work on coronavirus variations as “difficult in many respects” but also “rewarding for a scientist.”

“I feel proud of the CVR,” he remarked after receiving the Queen’s honour: “I think it is a reflection on the depth and breadth of work we’ve done that we’ve been battling in so many areas.”

“From producing tools and reagents for scientists working on fundamental discoveries about the virus to supporting clinical studies and trials, (This is a brief piece.)


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