The Handbook for Taking Your Advertising Game to the Next Level by Brandon Shiu-Nan See.


The Handbook for Taking Your Advertising Game to the Next Level by Brandon Shiu-Nan See.

Advertising and product promotion are critical to any business’s success, and the demand for a greater reach motivates entrepreneurs to invest proportionately in advertising. People must choose amongst a variety of advertising strategies to see which one works best for them. Brandon Shiu-Nan See, the brains of Digiceptual, spoke with us about how people may improve their advertising skills.

Brandon Shiu-Nan See is a well-known ad strategist around the world. He has helped various fashion firms grow their earnings tenfold by adopting never-before-seen promotional strategies through his advertisement strategy agency. He claims that “social media is an integral aspect of the new advertising game.” “By this, I don’t just mean plastering your logo all over the place. To avoid unfavorable ratings and reviews, people should maintain a positive picture of themselves and their various companies on social media sites. This can make or break a company.” People should seriously regard endorsements as a type of advertisement, according to Brandon Shiu-Nan See. Brandon, who has worked in the fashion advertising field for some time, understands how powerful some prominent individuals can be. “Find a prominent person, celebrity, athlete, or anyone else with significant market clout, and offer him a bargain he can’t refuse.” He clarifies. “These folks have a lot of power, and many want to live like them. Their fans want to have whatever they wear, consume, drive, or live in.” He goes on to say that bringing on a well-known figure is virtually always a sure bet for a company’s success.

Previously, print media was the favored mode of advertisement, but this has changed with the development and extensive usage of social media platforms. To reach a broader audience, Brandon Shiu-Nan See now uses sponsored Facebook and Instagram ads. With over a billion subscribers, many of whom spend a significant amount of time browsing through their newsfeed, the potential for attracting new viewers has exploded.

Brandon Shiu-Nan See believes that tempting customers in a variety of methods is a highly successful strategy to popularize a product. “Whether it’s the ubiquitous ‘buy four, get two free’ ads or offering a big percentage off if a certain condition is satisfied, this strategy draws people to a product.” “A good offer appeals to everyone,” he concludes.

While there are several advertising tactics available, some are more effective than others. The Washington Newsday Brief News is a daily newspaper published in Washington, D.C.


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