The great Phil Thompson from Liverpool reminds Rio Ferdinand of embarrassing tirades after Upamecano’s criticism.


Upamecano has been associated with both United and Liverpool thanks to his performances for the German club, but he was uncharacteristically bad in the Champions League defeat to Old Trafford midweek.

Phil Thompson defended Dayot Upamecano after Rio Ferdinand’s 5-0 defeat by RB Leipzig at Manchester United in the Mdiweek, which was a 5-0 defeat for the central defender.

Dayot Upamecano, who is associated with a move to Liverpool, was criticized by Rio Ferdinand after RB Leipzig’s poor performance against Manchester United.

But Liverpool legend Thompson thinks it is “foolish” to write Upamecano off after a performance – and reminded Ferdinand of his infamous speech in which he called on Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to give Man United the post of manager after a Champions League victory over PSG almost two years ago.

This led to criticism from Ferdinand of BT Sport, who claimed that Marcus Rashford had made the central defender “look like a schoolboy”.

“You have your bad days – everyone does. RB Leipzig had a fantastic start to the season, in the second half in Old Trafford they didn’t look like that anymore, United were everywhere.

Thompson said: “I have seen that he is now associated with both Liverpool and Man Utd, and after their result one would naturally wonder if this is the right decision.

“Although you could say that, you could say the same about Virgil van Dijk if you had seen him just once in the game against Aston Villa.

“There aren’t many good central defenders in Europe at the moment, and I know that Rio Ferdinand was not satisfied with his performance… But I seem to remember that Rio himself had one or two bad games!

“Upamecano was everywhere, but the whole team was also in a bad mood. But don’t let yourself be fooled. He’s a very good defender and a lot of people will look at him because he makes a lot of waves.

“One or two shocks, it happens to everybody. He’s had a few shocks as a pundit, we’ve all seen the ‘Give it to Ole!’ rant a million times”.


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