The Evolution Of Luxury Auto Repair Is Being Driven By The Superior Exotics Team.


The Evolution Of Luxury Auto Repair Is Being Driven By The Superior Exotics Team.

People from all over the country will begin flocking to Miami, Palm Beach, and the other beautiful towns in the area as the winter months approach, hoping to spend the chilly months enjoying sunny weather and sandy beaches. Apart from the stunning environment, South Florida is recognized for its beautiful automobiles.

Florida, along with California and New York, is one of the top three states that are regarded luxury automobile epicenters. Luxury brands account for roughly 14% of all cars sold in Florida. This could be attributed in part to Miami’s present revival, with people from all over the world relocating permanently to the Magic City because of its fantastic weather and lower taxes.

If you are driving a luxury car in the southern Florida region, it is critical to have a reputable company take care of your prized possession. Superior Exotics Team can help you with it. Yasser Salman founded the company three years ago as a luxury car maintenance shop. Since 2018, the company has offered excellent customer service, upheld ethical work standards, and operated as a family business, giving consumers peace of mind that their vehicle is in the finest possible hands.

Salman teamed up with Michael Citron to offer an exclusive automobile rental service through Superior Exotics Team, in addition to repair services. From Aston Martins to the Rolls Royce Cullinan to the Ferarri F8 Tributo to Mercedes AMG GTs and G63 AMGs and more, the fleet of automobiles includes some of the most unique in the world.

The rental service relies heavily on word-of-mouth recommendations, which keeps the clientele list small and exclusive. Salman and Citron are also looking at expanding their rental services to include yachts and other vessels, so stay tuned as peak season approaches. Visit Superior Exotics Team’s website and Instagram for additional information.


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