The drone triggers impressive high-speed manoeuvres to film the chase with the film remote control.


A drone leader pulled off some impressive maneuvers to film a high-speed remote control.

A competition between miniature vehicles in Belgium was captured with a racing drone that flew over the track and kept pace with the participants.

At the event, which took place on 11 July at the Circuit Zolder near Terlamen, the two cars mastered a difficult track with numerous tight corners.

But the pilot who operates the drone also shows impressive skills, controls the aerial camera over the 2.5 mile long winding route and never lets the action out of his sight.

The footage begins with the drone standing on the ground.

As the two cars begin to move along the track, it takes off and follows closely above them.

The blue car maintains a steady lead over its yellow rival and drives sharply through a series of bends.

After several bends and a few daring jumps, the yellow car collides with a traffic cone, and the blue car then victoriously drives over the vehicle.

The filmmaker said: “I had a lot of fun following these RC cars!

The rest of the footage starts with the drone zooming down the track from the top of the sky as the two cars move around the track.


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