The driver who killed a scrambler bike rider has been warned to expect to go to jail.


The driver who killed a scrambler bike rider has been warned to expect to go to jail.

A driver who killed a scrambler bike rider in a crash has been warned that he should expect to go to jail.

On April 20, last year, Oliver Christian was arrested on charges of attempted murder after knocking Patrick Conway off his bike in Stockbridge Village.

Mr. Conway, a 22-year-old pillion passenger on the white Honda, died in hospital two days later.

Following an investigation, detectives determined that Christian had no intention of harming the victim and instead charged him with causing death through negligent driving.

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Mr Conway, of Stockbridge Village, was killed when Christian, driving a black Vauxhall Astra on Waterpark Drive, collided with the bike.

The driver of the scrambler bike, also 22, was said to be hurt at the time of the accident.

Christian, 29, pleaded guilty today in Liverpool Crown Court to causing death via careless driving.

On June 28, he disputed the charge in a magistrates’ court hearing.

Today’s hearing was attended by members of Mr Conway’s family, who were warned by Judge David Swinnerton that “no punishment whatsoever will make a difference in the feeling of what you have suffered.”

Christian wanted to “convey his sorrow and his larger family’s condolences for their loss,” according to Christian’s lawyer, Damian Nolan.

On behalf of the Crown, Ben Jones prosecuted the case.

Christian’s record contained a “few of issues which do aggravate his position but nothing of this type,” according to Judge Swinnerton, and he had previous “driving matters.”

“Mr Christian, you have pleaded guilty to a very serious offence, and the harm inflicted could hardly be greater,” the judge added.

“By adjourning sentencing, I am not making any guarantees to you; you must prepare for a prison sentence.

“I’m not going to sentence you today because I’m going to order a pre-sentence report to learn more about you.”

Christian, of Huyton’s Kerrington Road, will be sentenced on September 20. He was released on unconditional bail but is still prohibited from driving.

“That is not a promise concerning your sentence; you must prepare yourself for custody,” Judge Swinnerton warned.


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