The Department of Justice will look into body camera footage of Indianapolis Sgt. Eric Huxley stomping on a man’s face.


The Department of Justice will look into body camera footage of Indianapolis Sgt. Eric Huxley stomping on a man’s face.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has opened a federal investigation into the case of Indianapolis Sergeant Eric Huxley, who was shown stomping on a man’s face on body camera footage.

Following the release of video from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department on Tuesday, the Department of Justice said that it would launch a fresh investigation into whether Huxley committed a federal crime.

“The incident involving an IMPD officer and Jermaine Vaughn has been reported to the US Attorney’s Office. Our office and the FBI have launched an investigation, and the Department will take necessary action if the inquiry shows prosecutable violations of any federal criminal statutes “Acting US Attorney John E. Childress made the announcement on Wednesday.

Huxley, a 14-year member of the police, was charged with using excessive force for his conduct during a September 24 arrest on Monument Circle, according to IMPD Chief Randal Taylor.

According to a probable cause affidavit, video of the police incident shows a man named Jermaine Vaughn sitting on the ground in handcuffs when Huxley “lifts his left leg, then smashes his left foot down” into the man’s face as blood appears on the man’s mouth “within seconds.”

According to the affidavit, Huxley is overheard telling another officer, “I kicked him in the face by accident. I accidently kicked him in the face while attempting to place my foot on his shoulder.” Official misconduct and battery resulting in moderate bodily injury have been filed as formal charges against the sergeant by Marion County prosecutors.

According to Taylor, Huxley has been placed on administrative leave without pay, while the other officers implicated have been placed on administrative leave until the outcome of an internal investigation. Taylor has also ordered a review of the other three officers’ previous use of force incidents.

“In good times and terrible times, I promised this community and our police that I would be transparent,” Taylor said at a press conference on Tuesday morning. “And while this is a difficult time, I believe the community deserves it.” Cops responded to a call of disorderly conduct and arrested Vaughn after he refused to calm down after officers told him to.

Vaughn stated in the affidavit that the officer was initially inside his vehicle. This is a condensed version of the information.


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