The Department for Work and Pensions outlines if you can go on holiday while receiving Universal Credit.


The Department for Work and Pensions outlines if you can go on holiday while receiving Universal Credit.

Millions of people across the United Kingdom are planning summer vacations this month, but some benefits claimants are wondering if they can take a break without losing their payments.

Six million people are currently receiving Universal Credit, with many new claimants unclear of the restrictions regarding vacations.

Birmingham Live enquired about the Department for Work and Pensions’ (DWP) position on Universal Credit and travel.

If you don’t disclose a significant change to the DWP, your Universal Credit may be terminated.

“Claimants must be in Great Britain on the day the Universal Credit claim was submitted,” a DWP spokeswoman said. Those who have traveled abroad or returned on the same day as their claim may be eligible for Universal Credit.

“If a claimant is unable to accept a Claimant Commitment – the document outlining all the steps they must do to receive UC – because they are on holiday, they will not receive the benefit and will be asked to file a new claim when they return to the UK.”

Everything you need to know about taking a vacation while on Universal Credit is right here.

Absences of up to one month are permitted.

There are some conditions in which persons are allowed to continue receiving Universal Credit even if they are temporarily out of the country.

You must notify the DWP before booking or flying if you intend to travel overseas for any reason.

The vacation can last up to one month, but you must adhere to the claimant commitment terms you agreed to when you first applied. You must provide evidence of your job search, such as a list of jobs you’ve applied for.

Unless you’re in an LCWRA (limited capability for work-related activity) group, which means you’re not forced to look for employment while on Universal Credit due to a health issue, you’ll be expected to try to re-enter the workforce.

This includes putting together a CV, applying for jobs, and attending any interviews that may arise. This must continue on your vacation.

Overcoming the one-month hiatus

“People must comply with their Claimant Commitment and must continue to do so while abroad,” an advisor added.

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