The couple’s planned £25K overseas wedding turns into a “horror”


Couple’s dream £25K abroad wedding becomes a ‘nightmare‘. “Tui said they will make your dreams come true, all they did was make my nightmares come true.”

A dream holiday wedding was “ruined” after a catalogue of errors leaving the groom wanting the world to swallow him up.

Martin and Tina Feuz dreamed of a relaxed beach wedding in Cyprus with roughly 40 of their closest friends and relatives.

They spent £25,750 on a lavish wedding in October 2019 that included a beautiful wedding celebration on a catamaran around the island.

They booked with Tui who organised a wedding planner to help organise the food on the mini-cruise around the island, snorkelling and fireworks.

Speaking on Channel Five’s When Luxury Holidays Go Horribly Wrong, Tina said they asked what would happen if the weather turned and she said the Tui rep said there was a ‘plan B’ and not to worry.

If the weather was bad, they would have their reception on a catamaran in the harbour and still have fireworks and snorkelling.

Martin and Tina paid more than £25,000 for their dream wedding

Unfortunately, heavy clouds rolled in, but it wasn’t until the morning of the wedding that they began to experience troubles.

Tina claimed that her hairdresser was nasty to her and didn’t do her hair in a way she liked, and that she was then given the wrong bouquet.

But things got worse, Martin said: “I was in reception welcoming guests and Tui came up to be and told me the catamaran had been cancelled.

“The first thing that went through my head was what do I say to Tina

“After talking with my best man I decided to hold off telling her until after the ceremony – I didn’t want to spoil that special moment, it was already spoilt for me.

Tina and Martin on When Luxury Holidays Go Horribly Wrong

“So I had it in the back of my mind that I’d have to tell my soon-to-be wife that the day’s highlight had been canceled at some time.” I didn’t want to cause Tina any more pain than I was already causing her; I didn’t want to be the one who had to tell her, “It’s off, it’s cancelled.” I didn’t want to be the one who ruined her favorite day.

“I didn’t want to be the person to say ‘your dreams won’t come true, your special day is ruined, that’s it, it is over before it has begun’.

At the last minute, a hotel was found that could accommodate the bride and groom and all their guests.

Martin said: “Basically, I agreed to the only option I had been given, which was to go to this other restaurant hotel.”

But there were more problems when the wrong song was played as Tina was set to make her way down the aisle and had to be stopped twice.

When it was time for the wedding photos the photographer kept asking Martin to smile and be happy, which was hard for him as he still had to break the news about the reception to Tina.

Martin said: “In a lot of the pictures I am not smiling, I am panicking and trying not to show it.”

But his new bride took the news well and decided to make the best of their special day so all the wedding party got on the bus to transport them to the new venue.

Tina said: “All of a sudden there was a really loud bang and the bus kind of shook and dropped – the bus had broken down.”

The entire wedding party then had to get out and walk to the wedding breakfast where they found the drinks package had not been sorted and no one could get hold of a glass of bubbly to toast the new couple.

Martin said: “I just thought. ‘what else can go wrong? What else is going to happen now?’

“This day that I had been planning for nine months – it just broke me, everything that could go wrong had gone wrong.

“I just went to the toilets and I put my head in my hands and I just wanted the world to swallow me up.”

A Tui spokesperson said: “We are very sorry to hear of Mr and Mrs Fuez’s experience on what should have been a very special day.

The bus that broke down

“We will be in direct contact with the customer to apologise and offer a gesture of goodwill.”

Tina added: “It is not about the money, it is about making sure other people don’t have to go through the day we went through.”

Martin said: “We chose Tui because the brochure looked good the wording looked good, they said they will make your dreams come true, all they did was make my nightmares come true.”



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