The council has issued a strong warning about the impending climate emergency.


The council has issued a strong warning about the impending climate emergency.

Knowsley councillors were issued with a stern warning about their part in addressing the climate emergency tonight.

Officers delivered an update on the work done by Knowsley Council since declaring a climate emergency in January 2020 at a meeting of the council’s climate emergency scrutiny committee.

Cllr Colin Dever, the meeting’s chairman, stated at the outset that the recent COP26 summit highlighted that “more needs to be done” to reduce emissions.

A HGV driver who was “hit by his own car” suffered life-altering injuries.

“While there were many news items, one thing that jumped out is that more has to be done; the science is clear, and it’s also evident that each of us has a responsibility to play in addressing this critical issue,” he said.

Officers said work on numerous significant projects, including flood prevention, sustainable transportation, and making council-owned buildings carbon neutral, was still ongoing.

However, due to the difficulty of upgrading the council’s aging depot to make it ready for electric or hydrogen-powered vehicles, work on upgrades to council-owned vehicles has stopped.

Other initiatives, such as proposals to evaluate ways to include carbon emission standards into the council’s procurement policy and reporting of significant contracts, have run into roadblocks due to empty positions and personnel pressures.

Head of environmental sustainability Caroline Holmes, on the other hand, expressed “quiet confidence” in the success of a £1.3 million bid to decarbonize Kirkby Leisure Centre and Nutgrove Villa.

Ms Holmes explained that the sudden availability of funds to help decarbonize municipal buildings led to decisions to prioritize the “big hits” that would result in the greatest decrease in carbon emissions, allowing the council to reach its targets.

“It’s technical, it looks at energy use and a calculation of carbon emitted from energy use, so every building is completely different with a different solution,” Ms Holmes said in response to a question from vice-chair Cllr Lynn O’Keeffe about the feasibility of decarbonising some of the borough’s older buildings.

“Because we were working on a limited timeline, we focused on buildings that could be completed quickly.” Kirkby Leisure Centre is one of the major emitters, however the amount of work required to make it carbon neutral is considerable.” The summary comes to a conclusion.”


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