The cook who became half of the coolest foodie couple in the UK from the West Derby student.


While studying gastronomy at Liverpool Community College, he spent his time under the guidance of the Michelin-starred restaurateur, and in just two years made it from what he calls the “lowest rung” to head of the kitchen.

When he began his career as a professional chef, Terry Edwards peeled bags of onions at Heathcotes Restaurant in downtown Liverpool.

Now Terry Edwards and his friend, model George Craig, have published their first cookbook

Now they are in demand on both sides of the Atlantic for their great food and music evenings, and this week their first cookbook Feeding Friends was published.

Three years ago he teamed up with his best friend, Burberry Model, Muso, and his fellow countryman George Craig from the North to start their own pop-up restaurant.

But after a decade, Terry from Tuebrook has found his own unique niche in the industry – as one half of the coolest foodie couple in the UK.

“It’s the classic ‘told you so’ situation,” laughs Terry. “I said to my mom, ‘In all the days you were in the principal’s office because of my misbehaviour, you never thought I would be a published author one day’!

Indeed, his time at West Derby School did little to prepare the ground for his culinary future.

That was the beginning, but the chefs at Heathcotes discovered a spark of talent in the young lad, and he progressed quickly, inspired in particular by Paul Heathcote’s love of British food.

“There was no way to cook, it was more woodwork and a bit of metalwork and soccer. I didn’t mind soccer, but I loved watching people like Keith Floyd and Rick Stein on television. So when I thought about doing something for a living, I decided to do catering at college.

After working his way up the career ladder, Terry looked around for his next move, “But at the time Liverpool wasn’t exactly bursting with options, it was so long ago,” he reflects.

“His restaurant in Soho is probably still one of my five best in the world, it’s all British, all seasonal, and it was exactly what I wanted to do and how I wanted to build my culinary style.

So he packed up and headed off to London, where a job beckoned him at Michel Roux Jnr. in Le Gavroche. “It was crazy and intense,” he recalls, “but it was very French, which was not where I came from and which I didn’t really love, so I went to see Mark Hix.

In Hix met Terry George, who played in the band One Night Only and worked part-time with Burberry as a model. They got along well and started eating out together and then cooking with friends.

“George took care of the music and he learned to cook with me, and we basically had a great party,” Terry says. “We thought about writing our own cookbook at the time, but we didn’t think anyone would be interested, so we decided to do a pop-up restaurant instead. Our first one was called Northern Invasion, it was a mix of Nordic dishes with a soundtrack put together by George and me. We’re both guys from the north, so it was cool to bring that northern atmosphere to a restaurant for a couple of nights.

That was in 2013, and since then the two sold-out pop-up nights have taken them to London, Manchester, New York and Hollywood. Next month they will be going to Leeds, and Terry has his sights set on going home.

“I really want the next stop to be Liverpool,” he says. “We are talking to someone right now and we have already had a meeting, so hopefully soon.

“We started Monday night in this amazing burger store, Patty and Bun, which belonged to a friend of mine. The first one was basically family and friends, then we got a lot of press about the idea of a chef and a model/musician, so we had some London foodie bloggers come and they liked it. It turned into a snowball and we thought: “Why don’t we try to make a living out of it?


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